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Please keep on cuttin off...

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Just want to know if anyone here can give me a clue to what's going on with my amp. I have a 400.4 fosgate amp that i'm driving my two kappa component in the interior n it keep on cutting off on me when i turn the system up. Then it will come on minute later n go back off if i keep playing the system loud. Any comment would be appreciated, thanks!
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it also could mean you have a short, probably wires touching. Check all your connections, and if the wiring is correct, return the amp back to the store and get a new one.
Sorry i haven't been able to go online lately to response. Yes the amp is in the trunk and it's very hot to the touch of the hand. I have two amp, one is for my sub ( a fosgate 800.2 ) which haven't cut off or get as hot as the 400.4. I ran the 400.4 to four crossover and then distrubute to my component speakers.
Yeah, it's a four channel amp and each of the channel is going to each crossover. From each of the crossover, it go out to the tweeter and the mid range woofer. I'll run a check on the wire to see if there's any short, but the hard part is that i have to take the door apart again since i run the new 16 gauge wire into that front door. Thanks!
Do you have the owners manual for that amp? If you do, run the amp and have someone turn it up until it cuts off, then see what color the LED lights are or any warning lights are. Two reasons why amps shut themselves down is thermal protection from overheating and short circuit protection. Find out which protection mode it ****ting down your amp and fix accordingly.
Just to let you know, Fosgate amps run hot as a ******* as it is, so if they get a little hot to the touch, then you could still be fine with them, just running them to their potential.

As for your situation with the one cutting out, thats obviously an issue. The most common reason is like what someone said about short circuits --it'll do it EVERY time.

Next, see what gauge wire you are running. Sounds like you have your channels bridged which cranks out a good 200W RMS each --400W.... 8 gauge wire will be pushing it here, so that may be it if you cant find any other installation problems.

Ohh, and ALWAYS check your connections. Keep them tight with plenty of fresh metal touching. Where you have your amps grounded to your cars chassis, file down the paint of the body so you can have a nice connection (if power is not EXITING the amp as well as it is going in, then that could be as big of a problem as having too small of wire).

Hope this helps, cause it can be really tricky to diagnose audio electrical issues.
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Thanks everyone for the help, i have been taking off the speaker line by one by. Which mean that i'm only running three speaker at a time. I have narrow it down the the wires running to the front driver door that's shorting out. I can play it loud with just the front passenger and that back two speakers and the amp have not cut off once yet. Now i just need time to take everything back apart n trace down the wires to the door.
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