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Please HELP ME...concerning with the AC filter installation...its now blowing hot air

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ok well i thought i installed everything back correctly, but when i went to work, the AC was blowing hot air. WHat did i do wrong here? Everything seems to be connected. I did connect the wrong plug to a different socket when i was testing it out. but i switched it after knowing that. Did i short circuit somthing by doing that? HELP ME...this day sucks
1 - 16 of 16 Posts''s not called freon...but r134a. Does anyone know what's happening with my car? Usually when you turn on the AC, you'll hear it go on...but i don't hear the radiator fans spinning. I'm checking the metal tubing and i don't see any condensation.
are you testing it with the engine running? the ac *will not work* without the engine on, as the a/c compressor runs off of a belt on the engine. good luck,

yes, i am testing it with the engine running...i read somewhere that the A/C compressor wont function without any r134a left in the this turue...just bought the last r134a service recharge kit...hopefullly it will function correctly...anyone else that can help me?...
ok i just tested the pressure...koji's tutorial helped a bit but why was your Low Pressure hook up by the strut bar...mine was by the radiator...ok well i got a reading close to 150 joke....i tested it on my moms infiniti which gave a reading of 45PSI which is good. WHY ISN't ANYONE RESPONDING...OR HELPING ME!!! This is where i go before going to the dealer. Did A/C unit fail? I mean when i turn the unit on...i get air coming out of the vents but it's REALLY HOT AIR. THe only buttons that don't work is the A/C button which still lights up and the the temperature control knob

HELP ME...i don't have $1000 !!!!!!
I would help if I knew what to do. Sorry man!:confused:
are you sure your low pressure valve is by your radiator??? what year is yours?? the low pressure on mine is by my strut bar.
1993 Acura Legend

Sunday morning...i was kinda bored so I decided to take out the A/C filter for a good cleaning. This was my first attempt. I took out the glove box and viola, what i saw was two white containers and inbetween them was the A/C filter. I unscrewed the metal bracket which held the filter in place and all it is a Cardboard filter that is about an 1" thick. While i did that, i unplugged some connection. No i did NOT unplugged anything with yellow. There are two plugs that look alike, the one connecting to the Main Switch for the Trunk release and one at the top side of the left white container which must be some sensor. Well after cleaning it up with a vacuum, i accidently plugged the Top side of the left container plug into the socket for the Main Switch for the trunk release. I turned on the engine and turned on the A/C. Junk caome out of the slot where the filter was suppose to be. Now after turning the car off, i realized the plug was in the wrong socket and should have been in the other one which is at the top.

I suspect that I might have short circuited something. I checked the fuse boxes and nothing is burnt out.

I also bought a full recharge kit and tested almost 150 PSI in the L valve which is located by the radiator... LOOK AT MY's bottom right can see the grey valve.

I don't know what to do. I am scheduled to go to radley acura tomorrow. The car is just blowing REALLY HOT AIR.

Well thanks for the help. I know this seems complicated. It just pisses me off that I caused this to happen probably. I should have just left the darn thing alone. It's a shame that I am going to a mechanic school this coming september
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Most likely you toasted a fuse.

From the 93 coupe service manual, it looks like you may have plugged into the "Air Mix Control Module".

Check fuses #3(15A), #15 (7.5A), #19 (7.5A), #20 (20A) under the driver's side kick panel and relay #3 in the under hood fuse/replay box (attached to the rad).

Under hood fuse box (big one behind battery).
Check fuses #47(20A), #50(20A)

Q: Did you ever have cool/cold air coming out of your vents ?
yes spiff...i did have cool air coming out previously....i have only been using A/C for the entire summer so far until now. Thanks..i'll go check my fuses...hopefully one burnt out

I just checked my fuses and i don't have a #20 (20a)'s for the RR L Power Windows. how do i know which is the #3 relay by the radiator?...i noticed there was some tannish brown cream in the right side of the box. I checked the fuse box behind the battery and they are good and also in the car.
if u'r low pressure valve is by u'r radiator, i don't think you should be using r134a. is there another one like r12 or something to that effect? i might be wrong but if u'r valve is by the strut bar, it's r134a and if it's not, it's the other one. or, you could have testing the high pressure because that's where my high pressure valve is.

maybe u'r AC switch is busted. worth a shot to check it out.
Hey Reno5658. I did the same thing that you did of hooking the connector in the wrong place. It cost me $350.00 to fit it. I think that you burn out the a/c control panel. Before I can help you, is your a/c panel a auto or manual control??? send me an email a [email protected]
Reno, you are in the right place (I think). I have a 1991 Sedan and my Low valve is next to the radiator also. BUT! The low valve is the valve to the left of the radiator NOT the one in front of the radiator. The valve in front of the radiator is the HIGH valve.
ok guys...thanks for trying to help me out...but i just got back from RADLEY ACURA from 9am to 430pm.....god that was a long wait. But what they found out was that the A/C panel yes the A/C panel had a failure which might have been caused when i put the connector in the wrong connection.

Bmw-Legend: Yeah BMW-LEGEND....lucky for you that it was only $350.00 Radley Acura charged me $841 for parts and labor. That's a big hit in my wallet plus with 85k miles, i'll soon have to replace the timing belt.

Aiznpride, Kino1611: Yes it's a r134a system. My Low pressure valve is by the powersteering bottle i think and my High pressure valve is in front of the radiator clost to the "receiver"

If i knew ahead of time before signing the form, i could have just payed them $159 for checking it and have bid for one on ebay and put it on myself...viola Found One On ebay . Hopefully this will teach me to be more careful with electrical wires and connections. more money...
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Sorry that you had to pay SO much.
I hate it when I hear about a huge bill like that.
That's ca$h could have been in mods or more needed maintenance (like your timing belt).

Well, hopefully your sacrifice of $800+ dollars will lead other members to take care when dealing with electronic components.

I really had hoped that it was a fuse or relay that you toasted. :(

Take care.
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