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Please help with master window switch

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On my window switch on a 92 LS sedan, the switch works but the on/off button is broken. Dealer says I have to buy a whole new switch for 300. Is there another solution that will allow me to roll down the passenger windows?
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Never mind, just solved the problem.
You glued it on the ON position?
problem solved?
How in the hell did you fix the switch, mine broke off too and now I have to use a F*ckin wire striped at both ends and stick it in where the master switch used to be and touch the on& off metel contacts and at the same time choose witch window to roll down/up
<~ had to replace inside door handle... SUCKED

I have a coupe so windows aren't much of an issue. I don't allow people to ride in the back so those windows are only under my controls and passengers listen to me or get out.
I plan on over-riding my on/off switch sometime in the near future to control all auxiliarly lighting other than headlights... get rid of brake lamps, running lights, bumper lights, license plate lights, etc... :D For keeping my 'friends' at bay for late night jaunts. Shouldn't be too much of a problem. If interested I'll take pix and update you.
Basically I did what 91legendsedanL did, but I made it a permanent connection, by popping the cap off the master switch and placing the spliced wire within the unit. At first I tried to glue the contact, but that didn't work. Using the spliced wire was much cleaner.
A pin & some putty ?

If u r talking about the switch I think u r talking about, its pretty easy.

My mech did it with a pin & some putty (for lack of a better word)
I think what he did was put it in the on position permannetly.

Rascals at Tire Kingdom broke mine. Cost me a pack of cigarettes to fix it. Doesnt look too good but works well.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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