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please help!!!

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does anyone know if a vis racing strada F1 front bumper for a 90-93 Accord fit on a g1 legend? if so how hard do you think it would be to put it on and how much it would cost?
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yes someone has done it on their g1 for mods and cash i have no idea
thats the guy that did it to his...also if ur looking for a similar kit, check a street fyghter kit for 90-93 mite fit =/

hey thanks I am tring to build up a 89 legend I just bought. The only main thing wrong with it is the two front seats are riped up. So I dont know if I am going to get some custom racing seats or see if I can get them recovered. but they are leather so I figure that will cost as much as new seats.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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