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no but for real i was wondering this guy was hollin bout makin a big brake kit for the legend. Now seeing how the RL is the Legend and Comptech and Brembo teamed up on the One Lap of America for that RL and made a big brake kit for it WHHYYY-IYIY-IYYY wont it fit the legend.

this is kind of confusing to me. any input is welcomed.
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A Legend owner has alraedy put the Compech big brake kit on his Legend. Here is the problem, COmptech had to machine a special extention braket for the calipers, and I believe that actually had to do it twice for him before they got it to fit. However, after that, I believe he said Comptech had enough with that, so they would no longer to that for anyone else. Thus, it is possible to use the Comptech RL brake kit, but you will need to find your own shop to fabricate the entention caliper brakets.

However, the more I hear about it, the more I really believe the guys who says the NSX brakes and caliper will fit the Legend. The 91-96 3.0L NSXs use an 11" rotor like we do, so their caliper might be a direct fit on the Legend. If not, maybe a minor modifications. Now, if that is so, then the 91-96 NSX brake kits should fit the Legend as well. We just need to find someone who has the money to experiment on this one :) Or, just confirm with someone who might have already tried it.
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infinite said:

Big sedans from MB and BMW are much more powerful and much faster. At least for BMW, there are superchargers available for their sedan application. They are made to be more of a sport sedan in upper luxury market.

The RL is Acura's top of the line luxury sedan with almost no aftermarket performance support. It is underpowered to begin with, that is why there is b!tching going on that if Acura wants to stay competitive it needs to go RWD and V8 for the RL. Anyway, for the current RL, a big brake upgrade just doesn't make sense.
Actually, like the original post stated, when Comptech was racing their Comptech equiped RL in that One Lap of America race, it did need the big brake kit, and actually was doing very well, beating out much more powerful cars. It wasn't the fastest, nor the best handling, but the RL they raced probably was faster and handled better than all the Legends we have currently. It was that RL that made me give much repect for those cars.
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