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no but for real i was wondering this guy was hollin bout makin a big brake kit for the legend. Now seeing how the RL is the Legend and Comptech and Brembo teamed up on the One Lap of America for that RL and made a big brake kit for it WHHYYY-IYIY-IYYY wont it fit the legend.

this is kind of confusing to me. any input is welcomed.
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Thai.95LCoupe said:
The funny thing is WHO THE HELL would pay 2K+ for a Brembo Brake Kit for an RL????? To my knowledge that boat on wheels is only 215hp....

Hummm... and most RL owners are 40+ and dont really care about Brembo brakes.:rolleyes: (so why the hell would they make one)

Comptech if your listening you wolud probably make way more money on a 91-95 Legend Brembo Brake Kit that an RL one... :rolleyes:
Yeah, I gotta agree. Besides, for those RL owners that do fix up their car, they make it for cruising with big ass chrome rims and t.v.s and all that sh!t, not for racing or for sportiness.
katonk said:

Why not? People invest in big brake kits for the big sedans from Mercedes and BMW. There are even people in the SCCA who race Ford Taurus' and Oldsmobile Auroras.

They make stuff like that for the RL cause they know someone will buy it.

Same stuff was said over 20 years ago when Oscar Jackson started selling race stuff for Hondas.
Big sedans from MB and BMW are much more powerful and much faster. At least for BMW, there are superchargers available for their sedan application. They are made to be more of a sport sedan in upper luxury market.

The RL is Acura's top of the line luxury sedan with almost no aftermarket performance support. It is underpowered to begin with, that is why there is b!tching going on that if Acura wants to stay competitive it needs to go RWD and V8 for the RL. Anyway, for the current RL, a big brake upgrade just doesn't make sense.
ChrisK said:

Actually, like the original post stated, when Comptech was racing their Comptech equiped RL in that One Lap of America race, it did need the big brake kit, and actually was doing very well, beating out much more powerful cars. It wasn't the fastest, nor the best handling, but the RL they raced probably was faster and handled better than all the Legends we have currently. It was that RL that made me give much repect for those cars.
I give you that. However, that is one RL that was specially made by comptech. How many everday people buy an RL to race it? How many everday people who do buy an RL are actually going to make it a sports car? They are going to bling bling it with 20 inch chromies and some t.v.s
My point is, a big brake upgrade for a car with little aftermarket performance support seems pointless to me.
katonk said:

I think you missed the point I was trying to make. Look at the sedans from those companies that are similar to the RL in terms of exterior dimensions and engine bhp.

Mercedes E320 has 221hp
BMW 530i has 225hp

Those cars have a much stronger aftermarket support than the RL, yet their no more powerful and not much quicker than the Acura. In my opinion, the consumer demographics for these cars are the same when you ignore individual preferences (example: prefering RWD to FWD).

Going back to the original question about why there is a big brake kit available for the RL... I still say, why not?
I think I did miss your point, and I think it comes down to individual preference. To me, having a big brake upgrade for a car such as the RL is pointless. It is not the type of car I would ever buy to make fast or sporty. I guess if there are some people out there that would buy the RL to make it into a racer, then I guess they would appreciate the big brake kit.

As for your big sedan comparisons, I was thinking strictly along the lines of say, the E430 V8 running 275hp and 295tq, the E55AMG V8 running 349hp and 391tq, or even the 540i V8 running 290hp and 324tq. Surely these cars are more deserving of a big brake upgrade and are well beyond the RLs comparitively dinky 3.5 V6. These are true sport sedans, wouldn't you agree?
katonk said:

Do I agree? Absolutely. But before big sport sedans like these became popular, I'm sure that the tuners and manufacturers started with sedans that appeared more luxurious than sporty to the masses. Everything starts with an idea and money.
"Everything starts with an idea and money."
I absolutely agree. All tuning products and methods had to start somewhere. :)
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