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no but for real i was wondering this guy was hollin bout makin a big brake kit for the legend. Now seeing how the RL is the Legend and Comptech and Brembo teamed up on the One Lap of America for that RL and made a big brake kit for it WHHYYY-IYIY-IYYY wont it fit the legend.

this is kind of confusing to me. any input is welcomed.
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ChrisK said:

Actually, like the original post stated, when Comptech was racing their Comptech equiped RL in that One Lap of America race, it did need the big brake kit, and actually was doing very well, beating out much more powerful cars. It wasn't the fastest, nor the best handling, but the RL they raced probably was faster and handled better than all the Legends we have currently. It was that RL that made me give much repect for those cars.
It would nice to know what mods were made to that RL to make it so fast and handle so well. It better not have had headers...:mad:
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