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no but for real i was wondering this guy was hollin bout makin a big brake kit for the legend. Now seeing how the RL is the Legend and Comptech and Brembo teamed up on the One Lap of America for that RL and made a big brake kit for it WHHYYY-IYIY-IYYY wont it fit the legend.

this is kind of confusing to me. any input is welcomed.
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katonk said:

Do I agree? Absolutely. But before big sport sedans like these became popular, I'm sure that the tuners and manufacturers started with sedans that appeared more luxurious than sporty to the masses. Everything starts with an idea and money.
"Everything starts with an idea and money."
I absolutely agree. All tuning products and methods had to start somewhere. :)
i agree in saying all these "super sports sedans" would not have come about if someone with an idea and money hadn't said "lets see what we can do with this." the idea for a big brake kit for the RL is not a bad idea seeing as how the RL with minimal amounts of mods and a Navigation system out ran some vipers and corvettes. But thats not the point of this post the point is can it fit and i dont know....none of us know still apparently. but another thing is that they make sway bars for the RL and that is another question. Who has an RL on this board and can look at the brake mounts and the sway bar setup to be able to tell if the parts from the two are interchangeable.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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