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polishing head light dirt inside

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I got an air buffer and buff my light with some more rubbing compound, but I have figured out what the problem is. The haze and stuff is on the inside of the plastic. If you look at it from an angle the inside is dirty not the outside.

Any one know how to get inside of the light case and wipe the inside plastic clean. Is there a way I could go in through where the bulbs are.

I look at my repairs and have a receit that says they replaced the right front headlight lamp for twenty dollors. What did they replace, because it couldn't have been the whole thing. I think thats why there is dirt in there too.

Any suggestions,
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I think the only way to take off the plastic headlight cover is the following: If you look on top of the cover, there are some clips that hold the cover to the car. I think if you take those off, you can get the plastic cover off. I am not 100% sure so don't take my word on it. Anyways, hope this helps.

Sim Garcha
1991 Acura Legend LS
I don't think that will work because I have taken them off and its still sealed. I don't really want to take the whole thing off I just want to find a way to put a cloth in through the back and wipe it clean. I think the dirt will come right off if I can find a way in.
it has been done. you can use a heat gun to heat up the "glue" and then it'll come right off. only problem is, i dont' know which glue that is. maybe epoxy?
i know chrisK did it to paint the bezels black.

Negative on the heat gun. I've tried that way, and it takes longer than the Oven method. THe oven method is much easier and faster.

1. preheat oven to 200°
2. place headlamp in oven for 12 mins
3. remove from oven and pry the lense off with flathead screwdriver. (another person helping is very helpful)

There, you are done. You can access the inside of the headlamp from there on. I've opened a lot of headlights, and I found out the oven method works the best.
I know that Matt Whelan our Admin has done this. He did it when he put in his tight projectors :cool:. They are so nice. I'm sure that he'll be able to give you good instructions.
what type of paint did he use to paint the bezels?
I used just plain old flat back Krylon paint on my bezals. Anyway, I used the heat gun, or in my case a hair dryier method. I know the oven is a faster choice, but you need to be careful with the oven to prevent melting. Any vigilant person will be able to monitor their lights in the oven, but I've heard of a few how melted their lights for some reason or another in the oven. It was problably their fault as it the temp was too high, or they left it in too long or whatever, but that kind of mistake is not reversable.
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