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im getting kinda pissed about my gas milage... i keep on seeing people getting 300+ miles per tank. i only get about 185 on 91 octane :(

what do you guys think i can do to improve my milage? my spark plugs about about 30,000 miles old so i was going to get them replaced next week, which should give me a little more performance. honestly i just think that because my car has 192k miles on it the poor gas milage is a given.... am i correct?

thanks in advance for any help!


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Amazing how good a Legend will run with horrible milage

92 Legend L Auto w/187k (still eats CRX's for lunch) My problem with the Legend is the fuel tank is too small. I drive 33 miles one way to work and at 24 mpg i'm pulling in to fill up every 5 days if I only go to work and back(rare). I get approx. 350 miles between fill ups.(highway driving). When I was driving more city miles I would get approx. 320 miles between fill ups. A normal Legend should be somewhere around 300 miles between f/u. If your milage is below 250 there are problems. If your vehicle seems to run normal and there is no check engine light it will be point and shoot troubleshooting to find the problem. Start with basics. Clean air filter, make sure there are no
obstructions in your induction system. Spark plugs. If your milage is below 200 miles I suspect the ECU is telling your fuel system that it needs to make the fuel/air mixture rich all the time. Most likely problem is oxygen sensors(2). Normally this problem would turn on your check engine light but not always. There are other sensors that affect fuel milage. Might be worth the $$$ to take it to an Acura dealer and let them hook it up to the diagnosstic computer that will check each sensor. For sensor locations go here

Good luck
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