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poor performance

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hi all its been awhile since i visited this forum i hope everyone is doing good, but lets get down to business i got a 92 legend ls 4dr and a month ago i did a tune up sparks,air filter,fuel filter,oil change n filter n im using a fuel injector cleaner with 91 octane fuel thinking it could restore some of the jdm specs of the engine, since i start the car on cold it tends to drop the rpms quite badly if i kinda touch n release the gas pedal. n if i keep doing it, it will shut down completely but just the first time the car gets started ,also if i drive it n punch it will think twice before doing anything just wanna know if its something serious like dirty intake/egr, vacuum hoses ,fuel rails,injectors, etc .cauze i dont wanna to get ripoff by a mech , i hope someone here can shine a light to this lost sheep before i end up with a full size paperweight thx
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Check for vac leaks and fuel injector cleaner with 91 octane isn't a good combo.
Thx for replying but how do i know or find the leak, does it leak fuel or wat
N why its not a good combo, the fuel injector cleaner could do more damage than good
Also i heard a guy saying it could be the fuel rails and injectors could it be possible
Cauze im kinda out of $ but i got my tools so i could do it my self if it is
Not too difficult thx
inspect all you vack line for cracks or holes in them. 1 of my legends did this and it was the air cleaner hose that went to the air cleaner box was split. if your fuel rails are wet or you smell a strong gas smell from under the hood dont drive the car as it will catch on fire!
Do our cars have an idle speed control valve/solenoid? If so, it could be acting up. Also, check timing, to specs. GL.
hi again i didnt have a phone with good camera till now

I recorded the engine in the morning (in the cold) so you guys hear what im dealing with and srry if i sound like a retard the mics dont mix well with my voice, since in a noob the site wont let me post links but the title of the vid is acura legend bad idle ok youtube sucks but look username mrzerocool5000
Check / adjust your idle
Check vac lines - try your best to make sure they are correctly routed too
Bleed the coolant system
Check your rad overflow
Thx all for your answers i was messing with the vac lines,coils,sparks and injectors it waz the lines tht go to the air filter tube and dirty throttle body i used brake cleaner remove the intake tube and the engine started right away n its running good now, but .... got other concerns found out tht the car itself has well over 240k n i want to change the engine n trans but both go for over 1400 with free shipping thts the type 2 n i bought the car for 1100 and i dont know how to install engines so the cheapest labor work around here go for 700 and want to swap auto to manual so wat u guys think should i fix it or buy a different car
Hope guys can suggest something

Ps. The body is in really good shape n underneath no rust at all so wat u guys think n thx for replying
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