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Possible electrical problems

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I am the owner of a 1993 Acura Legend. I have continuously had problems which I perceive are electrical.

The door locks when vehicle is parked and sometimes when drivin the locks move up and down. The alarm goes off on vehicle when parked and sometimes when starting vehicle. (Note the factory radio has been replaced but this problem occurred also when factory radio was installed). When I was driving it yesterday I parked vehicle while shopping. Went to place items in trunk opened trunk and the rear lights began flashing, the lights in glove compartment were flashing,along with a ticking noise in car. Vehicle wouldn't start with key, so I started vehicle with remote starter. ( Note I had problems with door locks and factory alarm activation prior to install of remote starter). After vehicle started with remote when I pressed the gas pedal I heard a noise that seemed to be coming from the area where the after market radio is installed. The face of the after market radio was removed and I did not hear the noise again when I pressed the gas pedal to accelerate. The lights continued to flash, then they would stop flashing, cut back on again all while I was driving vehicle home. The on and off lights flashing and ticking noise continued. Once I got home I had to disconnect the battery so the lights would stop flashing.

Can someone evaluate this problem and advise if possible where or how to resolve it. I can't afford to get rid of vehicle. The body,interior and engine transmission works fine.

Heip pleeease!
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I think your Legend is HAUNTED! JK...

Any codes?
damn I came into this one and was gunna call it for ghosts >.> lol yeah its most likely electric saw it on one i was planning on buying a while back apparently they had to re-install new door locks though (I didn't understand that at all) lol
The actuator is bad which is causing the locks to cycle and trigger the alarm. The flashing light issue is more than likely the icu behind the fuse box, either it's going bad or water has gotten to it.

I have to ask who installed the radio?
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