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Potentially selling my 86 Acura Legend

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This is hard post for me to type. I think the day may have come where I have to sell my all time favorite car. She doesn't get driven and I always thought I'd have time for a full fixup job but I just never get there.
She is the light grey top, dark grey bottom, just a little rust in the wheel wells, needs front breaks and needs a new front steering control box (I have a new one in the trunk ready to go). The steering works great, just a little leak that I wanted to fix. The paint is not in good shape and a lot of the weather molding is completely fubar. Best thing about this car is the engine runs like it is a 60,000 mile car, really smooth (currently 230k on the car). The manual tranny is in great shape. The interior needs some work, but overall not very bad. The hood still has a dent from a small collision with a boat trailer (don't ask..arghh), but I have a new hood already as well, just never installed.

I'm writing this post to see if there is anyone interested in the old girl. I can post pics if there is solid interest or do a walkaround video and send to those really interested. I still might change my mind, but I'm just looking to gauge what people think and/or if there is someone that is just itching to restore one.

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Its really hard to let a car go after owning for so long. I almost got to the point of throwing my 88 Sedan to the junker, but ended up doing a full engine rebuild and still have it to this day.
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