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Has anyone heard or tried this chip before?

In standard form, the Honda Legend 3.2 V6 produces 145 Kw, however the addition of a Powerchip Gold will increase the power to 161 Kw. In addition to the extra power, the torque is also increased. The Legend 3.2 V6 produces 275 Nm standard, and this is increased to 305 Nm This means more pulling power especially up hills.

Your car uses a soldered chip. Fitting takes about 1 hour and can be performed by a Powerchip Authorised Fitter. The nearest station will be allocated to you at time of ordering based upon your Post Code. The Powerchip is currently in stock, ex Melbourne, and can be delivered by next day courier.

Honda - Legend 3.2 V6
Make Honda
Model Legend 3.2 V6
kW Standard 145 kw
kW Powerchip Bronze/Silver 158 kw
kW Powerchip Gold 161 kw
kW Powerchip Gold 98 165 kw
Nm Standard 275 Nm
Nm Powerchip Bronze/Silver 298 Nm
Nm Powerchip Gold 305 Nm
Nm Powerchip Gold 98 316 Nm
Bronze Powerchip (Inc GST) AUD $825
Silver Powerchip (Inc GST) AUD $935
Gold Powerchip (Inc GST) AUD $1045
Gold 98 Powerchip (Inc GST) AUD $1045
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