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Preparation and installment of emblems.

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I purchased a set of used emblems to badge the rear of my naked Legend and have a few questions on preparation and installment.

1. Being that they are used, the clearcoat is worn off a bit and I would like to add a nice layer of it on them. Any products recommended?

2. What is used to paste the emblems?

3. And the most important part, is there a diagram showing the exact OEM positions for the emblems on 1994 and 1995 Coupes? Meaning, how far apart are the L E G E N D letters, their height above the keyhole, and the position of the upper left Acura emblem.

I have OCD and want this done right. If any of you have time and a ruler, I would appreciate some numbers or a nice little diagram showing me this. :D

I swear I did many searches and nothing answered the above questions.
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I already took pictures of this with a ruler. :D

Dad has a 94 LS coupe and I re-did the LEGEND letters on his trunk because they were too high. I'm not 100% sure if I got the height right, but I am 100% sure I got the spacing correct because when you buy brand new emblems they come with a foam guide.

Here are the pics:


Good Luck.
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NO problem. I took those pics a while back when another member needed it, and I never delete pics. :)

I don't know how you would re-clear them. Neve done anything like that.

When I re-badged my Legend from gold to silver and re-did the rear of Dad's Legend I bought new emblems both times and when you buy new they have adhesive already on them.
frantinez63 said:
Does anyone know the sedan dimensions? Are they the same?


I would think so. said:
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nekedboy said:
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frantinez63 said:
Just messing with ya Pat. Link us to the other thread.

It's in the off topic section-can't miss it. LOL
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