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Preparation and installment of emblems.

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I purchased a set of used emblems to badge the rear of my naked Legend and have a few questions on preparation and installment.

1. Being that they are used, the clearcoat is worn off a bit and I would like to add a nice layer of it on them. Any products recommended?

2. What is used to paste the emblems?

3. And the most important part, is there a diagram showing the exact OEM positions for the emblems on 1994 and 1995 Coupes? Meaning, how far apart are the L E G E N D letters, their height above the keyhole, and the position of the upper left Acura emblem.

I have OCD and want this done right. If any of you have time and a ruler, I would appreciate some numbers or a nice little diagram showing me this. :D

I swear I did many searches and nothing answered the above questions.
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The "L" and "d" of Legend each begin 14cm. from their respective tail light.
All of the letters are spaced 3cm. apart except the "g" and "e" which are 4cm. apart.
The letters are spaced 10cm. from the trunk's bottom.

I absolutely love your coupe. It's one of my favorites.
We should meet up sometime after mine is out of the body shop (vandalism).

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