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probably a novice maint. question, lol...

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Hey everyone,
I've heard two items arise in maintenance suggestions that i dont even know where to locate and how to replace. So my question is, where is the fuel filter, and PCV valve, AND how do i replace them? If you guys could post or email ([email protected]) directions on locating and replacing these parts i'd greatly appreciate it :) thanks in advance :)
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PCV is easy. It's on the driver said valve cover. It's the hose that comes from under the fuel rail covers. Simply pull up on it and the valve will come out, the using a plyers slide back the clamp and remove the valve from the hose.

Shake the valve, if you hear something moving the valve is still good and you can get away with just running some carburetor fluid through it and blowing through it. If not, replace it.

The fuel filter is located on the driver side of the engine bay as well, just behind the strut bar. It's a small black canister with two copper hoses (gas lines) going into it.

To remove it start by removing the lines being carefull to not loose the crush washers, in case you feel like reusing them which is not recommended. Then replace that entire peice with a new one. Bolt the fuel lines back on and voila, you're done.
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