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probably a novice maint. question, lol...

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Hey everyone,
I've heard two items arise in maintenance suggestions that i dont even know where to locate and how to replace. So my question is, where is the fuel filter, and PCV valve, AND how do i replace them? If you guys could post or email ([email protected]) directions on locating and replacing these parts i'd greatly appreciate it :) thanks in advance :)
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When working on fuel or brake lines you should use flare-nut wrenches. Remove negative cable from battery. Before doing so, know your radio code. Remove fuel filler cap. Slowly loosen service bolt (top bolt) to depressurize the system, while having shop towel/rag around service bolt area to contain any fuel which will exit the service bolt area. Order an OEM fuel filter as some aftermarket ones do not include all 3 washers.
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