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problem with engine?? (Help)

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:confused: I have a 1988 4dr legend I just recently got the trany rebuilt a few months a go. I don't know if the tranyis going out again or it has to do something with the engine. But any ways the problems is that when I'm racing someone I slam my foot down on the gas. the thing is the car does not shift when it is suppose to id shifts when it wants to. i don't know how else to describe it. but you can hear it, my car hits the peak of the rpm range then it sits there for a while about 2 seconds then it will shift instead of before redline and shifts. Does anyone know what the problem is? I want to get that fixed to I can try to put in a custom turbo that i found :D or the new engin from they claim to have a 270hp engine for a G1 but I have to find out tomorrow.:confused:
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Try flushing the trans, sometimes remaining debris will clog the solenoids over time. Also, see my other post reqarding adding a filter for the trans fluid. Eli.
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