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Hello everyone i am new at this. Please help me out with a problem I just encounter with my 98 RL. I didnt realized that using the red key(learning key) would make your other keys malfuction if you insert it in the ignition. I didnt know that you werent suppose to use the red key until i read the owners manual.

So the problem is now, i cant even start the car with the master key. The car just makes that starting sound but the car itself wont start anymore. I read the manual and it states that if you use the red key it wil make all other keys unworkable anymore. So now im stuck. Basically the car is immobilzed so it wont start anymore.

Is there a way where we can reset or do somthing to make the key work agian. b/c now im stuck at home and no car to go anywhere.

It told me to call the dealer but the dealer closes already. And i dont wanna have to pay big bucks for it. Maybe you RL fanactics can help me out. Thanks in advance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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