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problem with telescopic steering wheel

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i recently had an aftermarket alarm installed on my legend and now the steering wheel doesn't automatically go up or go down when i insert or take out the key from the ignition. i told the guy that installed the alarm about that problem and he said he didn't mess with any wiring that would deal with the steering wheel. he said he to check the fuse or try reseting it. problem is i don't know if there is a fuse for the telescopic steering wheel or not and i was thinking of disconnecting the battery but i'm afraid might mess up the alarm or something. any advice guys?

p.s. the volume control on the steering wheel doesn't work anymore, but i can still change the channel with the middle button. what could be wrong with it?
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There is a fuse, but as I know it, it is shared with the seat memory. (I believe it's Fuse #15 in underdash panel).

What alarm did you get? Does it have an autostart feature?

You should be able to reset your car by disconnecting your battery without messing up anything on your alarm.

You should try resetting it. Many a time it fixes it.

After resetting, adjust the steering and seat position and set it to memory. Then test your tilt/telescoping. (Also make sure that the auto telescoping switch is set to On)

Your volume control buttons may be a different issue altogether.
thanks for the quick response, i'll definately take your advice and check it out first thing in the morning. the alarm i got was the aladdin 2000. i'm pretty happy with it besides a few problem that i'm getting taken care of.
All that is wrong with your volume control is that there is a build up of dirt and dust on your knob motor...simply hit the button in with a little bit of force, not enough to break it but enough to free up the volume knob. You will have to repeat this as necessary as it will build up again! Simple fix, unless of course you want to tear your whole radio apart and re grease the motor! Too much work just hit the knob!!
if you have autostart, the wheel will not go up automatically. the reason for this is that the car thinks there is a key in the ignition and will never go up.
i have the viper 550 with auto start. i thought the guys messed up the install but when i took the dash aoart, i noticed that there was a wire tapped into one of the wires in the steering column. i assume that this is the autostart wire. when i disconnected it, the wheel worked fine but the autostart didn't work.
so, if you have autostart, u'll have to do without the telescopic wheel.
if you don't have auto start, they guys at the shop messed up. they probably messed with the iginition wires to put in the starter kill. in this case, i'd go back to them and tell them to fix it.
Actually, your auto tilt/telescoping can still work with autostart. It just depends on how you wire it.

Both of my Legends have autostart, but were wired differently.

One is wired such that when it is autostarted, it will think that the key has been inserted and the steering wheel will move into position. The other is wired such that it will autostart without moving the steering wheel, and will only do so when I insert the key.

I'm going to have the first one rewired to work like the second one. Same guy installed both BTW.
if you can post which wires were tapped, i'd appreciate it. =) i kinda miss that function in my car.

there's another post on the forum about the autostart and telescopic steering wheel. 92 sedan POS posted a diagram of how to bypass the autostart function and make the steering wheel work.

Golden Coupe: i'll try hitting the control knob on the radio like you suggested, but this is going to hurt me a lot more than it'll hurt my baby ;(
Yeah, I have yet to try POS's diagram...mainly because I am afraid of messing something up...

But It looks like it might work.
aiznpride said:
if you can post which wires were tapped, i'd appreciate it. =) i kinda miss that function in my car.

Yeah, 92 Legend POS posted a diagram of how his is wired here
My telescoping wheel on my 95' Legend type II will not adjust when i insert the key.when i adjust it manually then take the key out it moves in and up like its supposed to, then it beaps like 10 times.should i check a fuse, reset car with disconnect of battery or is there a problem in the system.
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