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Another possibily is your clutch job you just did may be incorrect.

But Assuming your clutch is installed properly and working this is how you bleed the hydralic clutches :

Purchase a Mighty VAC Handheld Vacuum Pump or use a AIR Powered Pump (I use this works pro)

Hook it up to the slave cyl. and top off master cyl. res. fluid to the top.

Open the bleeder screw and start sucking, keep the res. full of fluid, do this until you go through about 1/4 quart of DOT3 then close valve and pump the pedal a few times and your done.

Somtimes its normal to have to actually PULL the pedal up off the floor while bleeding, but only once or twice then it should build pressure and hold.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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