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Progress! Celebrated w/ a Photoshoot!

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UPDATE 11/12/05
I am currently doing the flushmount with the new lcd bezel. it is drying from painting. after it dries, i'll be installing the touchscreen into the new bezel then fitting it into the dash. I'll have pics up hopefully sometime soon! but heres a little teaser of the bezel i'm using ;)


all interior lights/led's finally finished in red!! (need to get civic or prelude needles i know!! :)) You can also see the nav running on my carPC

carPC screen just sitting in there at the main menu i designed. Fully functional w GPS (above), etc... flushmount next week!

intake i installed a few days ago... just a little over 30k on the motor

Whatcha think? :p
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This is one of the sickest Legends I've seen.

Mad props, I miss mine so much every time I see people spending money on their's :)
Shaar said:
thing is, i haven't spent too much money on mine aside from the carPC and the intake. the rest is just a lot of elbow grease and the TLC this car deserves.

next on my list is to flush the coolant. i'm a little over on the 30k maintenance and i am going to baby this thing for the rest of its life. No BHG for me! should i do the flush myself or should i pay for it to be done? i live at an apartment but have access to my parents garage/driveway.
The flush is REALLY easy, and it gives you an excuse to drive it around after each flush :)

That carPC interface you made up turned out really awesome. Glad you got it installed relatively easily too.

I'm in awe.

I love my new i35, but there's nothing to do to it! Atleast the Legend had some really nice mods you could do, but the i35 has so many features already-not much left to do.

I miss my Leggy :(
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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