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proper way to start car??

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Both my friend and i have the older legends. And we both had problems starting up our legends one sunny day. I would turn my key all the way on 3. And my friend would also. Then he tried to turn it really lighty, so when the starter motor starts to crank the engine, he would keep the key there. And IT STARTED!!. So i tried same method.AND IT STARTED!!. For some reason if you turn the key to its max it will start but choke. And if you were to turn it just enough for the motor to run. It'll be fine. Try it out someday and let me know if my theory is correct.
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well i have always been wondering why the Legend takes 2-3 seconds to start. It will always start but it would crank over much longer than any other vehicle i have driven when COLD. Sometimes when COLD it would start right up in less than 1 sec. Tomorrow i will try your method.
thanks for your intrest.
Turn key to "on" and wait 2-3 seconds for fuel pump to pump gas to engine then turn key and release quickly. You can actually hear pump run and stop - humming sound. Only the first start of the day takes more than a fraction of a second. The wait for the fuel pump is critical in nearly all cars.
ah good topic i notice when in a cold start i just turn the key from 0-3 it would choke but if i turn it from 0-2 and wait then crank it to 3 it would start fine. thanks
ooo..forgot about the fuel pump. Well i never really turn it from 0-3 fast anyways....hmm maybe i should try it and see if engine chokes?
This morning i tried starting it by lightly turning it in 3 and it actually DOES start up faster. But just in case, i will try it again tomorrow and if it starts up the same, then it really does work! Also it shouldnt hurt the engine if i do what pipes_0 does and see if the car chokes? just wondering?
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