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As I understand it, item 14 on the this page
has the sole purpose of quieting down the intake at the expense of reducing laminar airflow. In the quest for getting a little more power out of my commuter car (physically or psychosomatically), I was hoping you guys had ideas on how I can remove and block off this passage. After all, I can't just yank this chamber out b/c it sits after the airbox.

Any suggestions?

I know the "proper" fix for this is to just buy a short-ram or cold air intake but a) I've already ordered a K&N panel filter (it was only $10 more than the Acura air filter) and b) I live in CA and would rather not pay real money for a CARB legal intake (if it even exists).

Concerns I can see:
a) the plug needs to be airtight since the hole is "after" the air filter
b) it can't vibrate (so getting some rubber from a rubber inner tube and use the existing hose clamp is probably not a good idea)
c) it must be secured in such a fashion that I don't have to worry about random bits flying into my throttle body.

One thought I had would be to find a 3" PVC endcap, wrap it in the rubber material, and then clamp the mess to the big intake pipe. How ghetto would that be? Should I just consider sealing the PVC endcap? Should I just say to hell with this and leave the baffle as-is?


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at first i didnt know what you were talking about...
but now i remember the resonating chamber on type I legends between the intake pipe and radiator.

its been suggested to take of that resonator and seal it but i dont think its been done because everyone just buys an aftermarket intake and it bypasses both of them.

heres a link if you want to remove the lower resonator

if you really want to remove that resonator between the radiator and the intake hose.

I would seal it and use plasti dip to make it look better if you're concerned about that.
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