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Question about center console pop-out cup holder?

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I noticed that when i push my cup holder back into the center console arm rest it doesn't lock. I need to push that little lock clip on the front in order to lock the cup holder into place. Is this correct or should it automatically lock when pushing the cup holder back into the center console arm rest?

1993 Acura Lengend L Sedan (Automatic)
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your cupholder should retract back into place without using the lock switch, the lock switch is to prevent it from releasing when it's been pushed. so technically you should be able to lock/unlock the switch and the cupholder should stay put.
common failure of this crappy little can remove and reposition little spring clip inside, but difficult to do...I do like you and just snap the lock on.
Steps on getting spring back in place

Can you please instruct me as to where the spring is and how it should be correctly put back in place.
I had the same thing happen to mine.

First I took the cup holder apart by prying at the three clips on the top and two at the bottom (This is once you take the armrest apart). After taking the thing apart, I noticed that the little metal retaining tab was missing.....probably fell out. Anyway, I took a metal coat hanger and snipped a piece of it off about 1/4" long. I put some super glue on it, and stuck it in the little hole for a perfect fit. After letting it dry, I put everything back together, and wallah! It works again. I guess I should have taken pics or something to post in the DIY. Maybe I will go back and do that.

That little metal tab acts like a retainer when you push the cup holder in. It clicks in place to latch it, and clicks back with the help of a spring to release it.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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