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question about NGK spark plugs

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what's the difference between PFR6G-11 and PFR5G-11? PFR5G-11 is for normal driving condition and PFR6G-11 is for harder driving. SO what's the draw back/advantage of having a PFR6G-11 over the PFR5G-11? I have a couple of mods so should I go with PFR6G-11? look at my sig for the mods I have and let me know which plugs should i get.
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Copper plugs will always give the best spark as it is a better conductor than platnium or iridium. The down side is short life. Platnium and iridium plugs will give good performance with a long life. With the G2 ignition system being as good as it is, you don't really need copper plugs until your doing some serious shots of NOX or forced induction.
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