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Question about wire harness under fender

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Hello. My 95 Legend was hit at the left front fender and now the wire harness under the fender is damaged and the wires are getting frayed. Some of the wires are now exposed. It is now causing some electrical issues with the horn, headlights, break lights etc. This needs to be replaced but i'm trying to understand how much this wire harness cost and the part no. and how much it may cost to replace it. Also wondering if its cheaper to fix the wires that have been damaged. I can take a pic of this if it makes it easier to understand the damage.

Thanks in advance

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Why don't you just go to a pick and pull yard and get a used wire harness. That would be cheaper...
+1 in what ^ said. Plus, you posted in the wrong section.
+1 in what ^ said. Plus, you posted in the wrong section.
Thanks for noticing... It is in the correct section now...:giggle:
Depending on how many wires are affected it may be much easier to repair than replace. The wire harness as a whole is a pain to remove, it goes from the inside fuse panel all the way around the front of the car to the ECU on the passenger side. It is a single wire harness for everything in the front of the car except the engine harness itself (which is very easy to replace in comparison). A new harness is listed at $1,154.87
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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