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my car has lost a significant amnt of gas milage abt 11 to 12 mpg down frm 20, i hv some power loss, and i thnk im burnin oil (first time iv had to add oil between oil changes) Also, my check engine lite came on once (bt 4 days ago) but not since.

Anyone knw anythng they can tell me bfr i put it in the shop.

o yeah, i got a flashin d4 sumtimes but im sur thats my vss, my speedometer goes in n out
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I'd check condition of: plugs, coil packs, air filter. I'd find that oil leak ASAP. Is the car smoking at all?
No, thers no smoke. But yeah, u said sumthin bt my plugs, do u thnk i cld b runin on 5 clndrs? I had a simular problm wit my camry a while ago, and that was the prblem but the symptoms wer more drastic n noticable wit my camry
The valve cover gasket is likely for the oil leak.
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