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First of all I plan to lower my 91 Acura Legend LS and I need alot of help. I know nothing of suspension and I am new to this.

1. What are all the parts that make up the suspension system and what are their purpose?
I know of only springs and shock but
what do they do as well as the other
2. What would I need to upgrade in order to achieve good ride qualities and have an adjustable lowered stance??

3. Keep in mind I live in Colorado and the weather is continueously changing. This is how I want my suspension on my Legend to be--Continuously changing."I want to drop the car when it's 90 degrees on one day and tommorow when there is a blizzard I want to easily raise it." Does anyone know the best way this can be achieved???

4. What shocks are good? I heard Koni's are

5. Ground Controls<---Is this what I want when I am talking about changing my suspension easily??

6. I would also like to drop my car to the ground to prevent thieves from jacking my car up to steal my rims. I know if they really want them bad enough they will take them I just want one more detourance to prevent them. This way they can't jack the vehicle up.

I Don't want hydraulics at all and can't stand the
idea of "flipping switches" wouldn't it be possible to get some butons installed inside my car that would allow easy raising and lowering.

Any iDEAS or Feedback would be appreciated especially when I am new to altering suspension and am very interested on doing it to my car...
Please respond!!!!!!Thank You
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