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R U Looking for TL-S wheels???

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The new 06 Accord Coupe V6 6-MT looks to have the same wheels with a Honda center cap. Just thought i'd let those who r looking for the wheels know. I know I am unless I can find some GS wheels.

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sigh... i like those wheels. but i can't afford the wheels plus the bore labor.

i'll stick to my gs wheels ;)
I think there is another Honda with a similiar looking wheel from a year or two ago. I think this because at a large Honda/Acura meet Milano6 and I were looking around and realized the rims on a few of the Hondas looked like TL rims. We figured there were too many of them there that day for all of them to have put TL rims on, so I concluded that there is another OEM Honda rim that looks like the TL rim-which one, I have no clue. :giggle:
I was checking out a new accord coupe last week at my local dealer...I was surprised to see the TL-S wheels as well. It is the same wheel...Tire size is the same as is on the TL-S.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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