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Racing related injury! ;)

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around 2 am last night I was walking down the street to get a slurpee from the 7-11. Its a long two lane road and is very straight with about 1/2 mile between stop lights. Anyhow, the 7-11 is on the coner of one of the intercections, and as I was walking near it, I realized two cars were lined up at the light and revving their engines!!!

let me tell ya, I have see a few street races in my day but not one like this! one the near side, a ford aspire! and on the far line, a subarau brat!! now let see, combine horse power of these two machines is probably at least 100 hp! both cars were rusted and beat to crap, and the ford had taht annoying loose belt screech...whcih of ocurse added to the flavor of the race.

I kept on walking slowly, looking at them, then the moment comes, the light turns green, both cars lurch forward...

...and stalls...

now it has obviously become a race of who's car will start first again, and the subaru wins by about .5 seconds, the driver dumps the clutch and off he goes...and ford follows suit a moment later...I keep watching as they sped past me at I would say 25 mph, I kept on wathcing as their tail lights disappear into the night...looks like things were dead one gaining with the subaru about 1 car lenghth, and their lights continue to slowly disappear into the night...going probably around 45 now...slowly slow, they become smaller,

it is at this point that I walked straight into a telephone pole that was about 50 yards away when I first saw the cars stage at the light...banged my head on the metal surface and now I have a bump on the side of my head...

but it was worth it, one of the funniest races I have ever seen , though I still wish they didnt take so long to get to the next light or else I would not have bumped my head...


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:D :D :D

Too damm funny. Isnt it sad that now a days everyone wants to race, no matter what kind of cars they have, they wanna race.
OMG, that's fuggin' funny!!!!!!!!!
thats hilarious. I love it. yeah, everybody wants to race now. dumbasses

I tell you, it's all TF & TF's fault. Everybody thinks that they're a racer after that movie.
haha i wonder if one of those had NOS in em......TF might make em wanna do that.....
now thats comedy, on a side note a relative of mine recently suffered a real racing injury, it's kinda funny he gave himself whiplash driving his friends mustang (64 1/2 blown to about 650 horses) he says 'I wasent expecting such a violent launch' lol his neck will be achen for 2 weeks
i can see all the outpouring of support for my unforuante head injury! huh!! :D


yeah, that was truly a classic...

wahts next? moped versus scooter drag?

bing0 said:
i can see all the outpouring of support for my unforuante head injury! huh!! :D

I though that was the funniest part..... walking down the street totally in shock from the most hurtin race ever and you walk into a pole.... LOL man.... sorry.....I had to laugh.....hope it heals.;)
ahhaha, well, it wasnt so much that I was mesmorized by the race, but they took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO **** long to get to the next light!! :)


Yo, this sh!t is too funny. I read it like 5 times already and cant stop laughing. I cant believe that it went down like that. :D :D

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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