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Rad Fan Timer Unit part #37740-PL2-661

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Even with the car off all night, the fan will sometime come on and stay on without starting the car.

Mechanic told me I need (1) the Radiator Fan Relay, which I now have--

But, I can't locate the Radiator Fan Unit part #Radiator Fan Control Unit — 37735-PH7-013--

Any suggestion on where to find the part I need?
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Look under passenger seat on a sedan or under passenger foot carpet & unit is bolted on to the ECM(computer).
For coupe it’s under carpet (passenger floor).
Rad Fan Timer Unit is located on steering column under dash & Rad Fan Control Unit is under passenger seat for sedan & under passenger floor carpet Both models are bolted to ECM (computer).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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