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Radiator fan problem

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Would anyone know why my 94 legend ls radiator fan keeps turning on and off even when i'm not driving the car..i check all my sensors from the manual and i cant figure out why?
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-fan timer unit
-fan control unit.
Alright thanks ill check it first thing tomorrow
The fan timer unit controls the fan after turning the engine off, so that would be the first to check. It is in the passenger side foot area attached to the side just below the dash.
I was able to find both units the serials match from a 92 legend, i put them both in but my fan still hasn't turn on is it because the ecu computer didn't read the new units or the car didn't get hot enough.. if it drains my battery i'll kno there's still a problem.
Fan didnt turn on and off and my battery didnt drain so i guess im good thanks again..if anythin goes bad ill let yall kno.
i had the same problem my fan would be going on and off all day and night sometimes id be making coffee in the morning and hear the damn thing come on for no reason...i could hear the relay clicking on and off a billion times when i had the hood glad i found this discussion thanks!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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