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Radiator Fan Relay Failure & Aftermath(?)

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So the other day we took a 25 minute Highway drive. We parked (stereo, AC MAX, the works) and were waiting for a friend to meet up with.

They got stuck in traffic so after about another 25 minutes of sitting there, the engine stalled. No prob.. things happen, older car.. But we went to start back up and the temp was high-3/4-ish - OUCH - so we sit in the heat.

Anyway, got home just fine - checked the rad and hoses - hot, but nothing obviously wrong. The next day we were running warm when idle and the AC was seriously sucking.

Today same thing. Mid day I switched rad caps 1.1 to 0.9 - well after some highway driving and sitting at red lights, the heat crept up again. Before we got to 3/4 we killed it and waited until a green light. Once we parked I realized the fans were not on!

As the topic says, it was the relay, just picked one up. I placed the 1.1 cap back on and was looking to get an experienced opinion. Should I be expecting SHG/BHG issues after this? I have no idea how high the temp gauge got before the engine stalled - the steering wheel was blocking my view and I figured someone else was watching things.

If that HG is blown again I will be selling the car or getting a 'new' engine. And the timing is perfect... we have another 800mi trip planned in a week :/


meh.. lol
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I'm not sure about the BHG, but try bleeding air out the cooling system again.
Yeah I'm going to bleed her in the morning before we run around town all day.
Not much I can do.. just hope, drive, and wait to see lol
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