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Radiator Troubles-- Blown HG???

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Ok, here's the deal. I just took my car in to the mechanic today because i had noticed i was leaking antifreeze and wanted to know what the problem was. There is a leak in the radiator (not sure exactly where) but i know its something I MUST get done ASAP. Of course, I find this out a week after spending about 650 to replace the timing belt and water pump.:mad:

I wanted to know what the signs are of my head gasket going. I've noticed my temp gauge jumping from time to time but I was hoping thats just because of the rad leak. I dont know how long the radiator has been leaking but I'm hoping it wasnt long enough to blow a head gasket. :eek:

This is starting to piss me off. I just bought the car in Dec and heard all these stories about how Acuras/Hondas are low maitenence and great cars but so far thats been far from true. I got a great deal on the car, its a 91 L Sedan with 82k on it when i bought it for $5500. I'm starting to wonder if i really got that good of a deal though.

Also, how hard is it to replace a radiator? What does it usually cost for the radiator and for the labor to replace one? Any recommendations on where to buy one or should i just let my mechanic take care of that?

Please, if anyone can help.... my hair is starting to fall out because of this freakin radiator/head gasket crap! I'd like to keep my hair since im only 19!! :(

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There was just a thread about this. alot of good info in there.
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