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Radiator Troubles-- Blown HG???

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Ok, here's the deal. I just took my car in to the mechanic today because i had noticed i was leaking antifreeze and wanted to know what the problem was. There is a leak in the radiator (not sure exactly where) but i know its something I MUST get done ASAP. Of course, I find this out a week after spending about 650 to replace the timing belt and water pump.:mad:

I wanted to know what the signs are of my head gasket going. I've noticed my temp gauge jumping from time to time but I was hoping thats just because of the rad leak. I dont know how long the radiator has been leaking but I'm hoping it wasnt long enough to blow a head gasket. :eek:

This is starting to piss me off. I just bought the car in Dec and heard all these stories about how Acuras/Hondas are low maitenence and great cars but so far thats been far from true. I got a great deal on the car, its a 91 L Sedan with 82k on it when i bought it for $5500. I'm starting to wonder if i really got that good of a deal though.

Also, how hard is it to replace a radiator? What does it usually cost for the radiator and for the labor to replace one? Any recommendations on where to buy one or should i just let my mechanic take care of that?

Please, if anyone can help.... my hair is starting to fall out because of this freakin radiator/head gasket crap! I'd like to keep my hair since im only 19!! :(

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a radiator replacement could be a DIY repair. Time is about an hr or so. Seek on-line for a replacement. Some have located and installed all metal ones. I replaced mine a couple of yrs ago and installed a Modine which is similar in design to the OEM (plastic tanks). I bought it because at that time the on-line source ( was having a 30% off sale. You should be able to procure a quality aftermarket one for under $200. You should replace the thermosensor and its gasket. You will need to remove and reglue the foam seal from the OEM to the new. Now would be the time in which to replace the thermostat, radiator cap, and the A/T cooler hoses. And if you have not removed the bracket attached to the upper radiator tank holding the Cruise and Throttle cables, do it now.
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