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rain water leaking in

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04 rl, nav

have had this car for several years without any water (from outside) leak-in. in the last couple of months when the car was in moderate rain, i noticed water under the glove cmp.

took the glove comp out, found water underside of the blower.

took a/c pollen filter out and the filter was wet.

so it appear rain water is getting into the air intake for the heat-ac system..

cannot find any obvious breaches of gaskets. the plastic shroud at the lower edge of the windshield and associated rubber parts are intact.

any clues??

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Maybe some help here (cut and paste, take out @):

[email protected]://
same thing happened to me 2 days a go...

drgkjal, did you manage to get the "foam" replaced??? i was wondering what kind of foam it is
Some times this is caused by the drain for the sunroof getting clogged by trash and once they are cleared it stops this from happening.
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