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README: Corner Balancing and Alignment

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Dear Every Coil-Over-Driving Legend Owner--
You should corner-balance your Legend; otherwise you're not taking advantage of what your coil-overs were designed to do. Lowering is only a side effect, or perk, of installing coil-overs.

On with it! Believe me when I write that my Legend is difficult to align--so difficult that I've been turned away from a couple shops (including the dealership). Without a doubt, West End Alignment in Gardina, CA offers alignment and corner-balancing perfection, even for meticulous folks like myself. The guy is a suspension genius; he asks the right questions; his advice is solid. These words cannot describe how satisfied I am, or how my face hurts from grinning the entire two-hour drive home. For once, my Legend is as it should have been. It feels super agile and nimble on its toes.

The Legend about to be corner balanced:

My corner balance results:

The guy moved ~75lbs. of weight off the driver's front wheel, which roughly equates to removing a 400lb. guy out of the driver's seat. As you can see from the results above, relocating the battery to the passenger rear of the car (directly above the wheel) should almost perfectly left/right balance the coupe with me sitting in it.

My alignment is a perfect 1.5 degree camber on both front tires with 4.5 degrees caster and no toe (zero). Both rear tires are running 1.25 degrees of negative camber and 1/16 inches of toe in. I think this is a perfect track setup for a Legend. If you do not track your Legend, or drive aggressively, then run much less camber or you'll be roasting tires!

I wish that you guys could drive the before and after. If you have any questions about corner balancing or alignments, please ask. I can hopefully help. If you would like to schedule an appointment with West End, see below. I cannot recommend them high enough!

18008 S Vermont Ave
Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 808-9233

See you all at the Nationals tomorrow!


Both the alignment and corner-balancing were done with me sitting in the car the entire time.
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cost? I'll have to get this done after I get the ksports in. Too bad they are not already in!
$215 for a well aligned car is a good investment. :)

I notice you're still on those big heavy wheels! Nothing lighter/smaller for the track? I guess you have to have something pretty big to fit over those brakes though.

3565 with you in the car huh? sounds pretty light. did you pull out 160 pounds of stuff? like the rear seat and the contents of the trunk? I know the coupe weighs in a bit over 3500 from the factory, and I thought the autos weigh more than the manuals. I'm guessing you weigh about 160 or so, putting your coupe right at 3400 pounds. Were you on a half tank of gas?

edit: I forgot about that carbon fiber hood - how much does it save, I wonder?
I punched it up in Excel - ideally you want to move exactly 46 pounds from the front driver corner to the rear passenger corner. The stock battery weighs about 37 1/2 pounds.

The only other things I can think of in that corner are the battery tray and the windshield washer reservoir. If you pull those out you could be getting close to the perfect number.

relocatable weight					
		1070	1068		
		714	713		
DC	1782			1783	PC
	50.0%			50.0%	

	F	2138	60.0%		
	R	1427	40.0%		

		1784	1781		
		50.0%	50.0%		
		L	R
another thing to consider is how much the extra wiring will weigh - I guess it would throw off the calculation a bit.
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I really wish I could make it - as of right now I have an appt to take my car in so I can start the process of fixing it.

Anyway, on further experimentation, Keith, I discovered that if you added 14 50 pound bags of rice to your trunk, you'd acheive truely prefect weight distribution: 50/50 front-rear, side-to-side, and corner. of course your car would also weigh 4275 pounds. :lol:

relocatable weight	ballast l/r rear	Total weight w/driver
47			355			4275
		1069	1068		
		1069	1069		
DC	2137			2138	PC
	50.0%			50.0%	

	F	2137	50.0%		
	R	2138	50.0%		

		2138	2137		
		50.0%	50.0%		
		L	R
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mrkeith said:
The only difference, and Brian thinks it may be tire-related, was that Brian's Ksport coupe understeers and I oversteer with JICs.

Tire pressure differences front to rear as little as 1 psi can change the handling characteristics substantially. Brian also does not have the front sway, so there must have been a pretty big difference. What are the JIC spring rates?
as a matter of fact, yes...:D

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