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Who wants a project? I was investigating the rarity of the CL-S 6MT and came across this thread:

A guy over there was able to break down the CL-S VIN and use the database at ownerlink ( to identify how many CLs were produced in 2003 according to trim (navi/non-nav), transmission, and color combination. He would test various VINs until he got a "hit" and then try numbers around that number. His system reminds me of playing Battleship or Minesweeper, shooting around until you get closer.

So I asked him in a PM how he would go about getting some "real" Legend production numbers, and I asked him to dissect my VIN and tell me what he could decode from it.

Here's his response:


Hi Tyson,

I just checked and yes your car is in ownerlink identified as a 6 speed and its color. Therefore what you want to do is entirely possible, although a lot of work.

First you need to know how VIN's are coded, lets look at your VIN:

JH4 KA8 1 7 7 R C 000832

The JH4 identifies were and by whom the car was made, in this case Honda Japan

The KA8 identifies the model, Acura Legend Coupe (KA7 is Legend Sedan).

The 1 identifies the transmission, manual (6 is automatic)

The 7 identifies the trim, LS (5 is L, 6 is L w/ Leather, 8 is GS).

The next 7 is the check digit, it will be a number 0-9, or X. If you scroll down in this web page it will explain how the check digit is calculated.

The R identifies the year, 1994 (S is 1995 etc.).

The C identifies the plant, i'm not sure if this is the only plant code for Legend Coupes or not. If there are other plant codes I don't know what they are.

The 000832 is the production number, the way this worked for the CL is that all CL's no matter the trim or transmission were in the same sequence of numbers. This would mean all Legend Coupes, no matter the trim and trans would share the same run of production numbers. I would assume if Legend Coupes were built at multiple plants, each plant would have its own set of numbers.

So now how do you figure out if a particular car is a 6speed? The way I did it was by testing out in ownerlink if a particular VIN existed, i.e. does a description of the car come up if you enter a hypothetical VIN. This wasn't to bad with the CL because I was limited to 1 plant, 2 trims(navi, no navi), and 1 year. So most of the VIN was fixed, and I was just varing the production number , the trim, and the check digit. I also found that most of the 6 speeds were built in clusters of 30 or 60 so I didn't have to check every hypothetical VIN until I got a hit, then I would check every car near the hit until I found the whole cluster.

I'm sure if you were familiar with a scripting language you could automate this (I'm a C++ person so I didn't do this). Since your dealing with more trims, and more years you would need to find someway of automating the data gathering or it could take forever!

Let me know if you need any more explanation, and how it goes.


CLIFFS: According to this, it's a doable project. BUT the Legend becomes more difficult than the CL-S because it (as far as 6-speeds anyway) was produced not just one year, but three... and in three trim levels and two bodystyles.

Anybody have a lot of time on their hands? :D

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They had that posted in the Legend Temple. Doesn't hurt to have it twice though. :2cool: ;)

The last six digits of my vin are 000078.

However I've noticed this about tranny numbers:

For coupes:
2 = automatic
1 = manual

For sedans:
6 = automatic
5 = manual

...all I look for now in a VIN is the number 1 :D
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