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Here's the info:

'93 L 6speed coupe with 61k miles. No suspension parts have been replaced (as far as I can tell from under the car).

The problem:

When turning left, there is a clunking noise from the rear end and it sounds like it is on the drivers side. This ONLY happends when turning LEFT. The more g's pulled, the worse the noise is. After this started, I drove over a man-hole cover on the left side and there was no noise. When I was under the car I checked the sway-bar mounts and they were all tight. What could be causing this stupid noise?? My guess was sway-bar or tie-rod but that doesn't seem to be it. I don't think it is the shock becasue there is no noise when going over bumps/pot-holes. Could be an A-arm mount??

Any ideas?

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