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Rear window wont roll up

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1999 RL

Rear window rolls down but does not roll up. What could be the problem?

Its halfway down right now and suppose to rain today. :(
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easy fix (to get it back up) remove the door panel and take a piece of speaker wire and remove the plug that goes to the window motor.

Then use that piece of wire with the plug from the door light to get the window back up.

(positive - negative) is up - (negative - positive) is down.
I need more clarification.

You're saying use speaker wire from door light to window motor? Will window motor be labled as - or +?
on the g2 the plug that goes to the door light fits right into the window motor socket. If it doesn't on the RL then use a piece of speaker wire.

The plug isn't marked, just reverse the polarity to change the direction the window moves.

ie: if pos - neg goes up, reverse to neg - pos to go down.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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