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Hey Guys,

Ok, I was at the Northwest Acura Dealership the other day right? Me and My dad were looking at some 1st Gen TL's (not seriously, they are crap compared to our legend), and we get approched by a representative and he starts creaming all about Acura's.. going on and on... Anyways, he states, there has never been a recall on a Acura EVER. I corrected him regarding the Bose Stereo System recall, he played dumb with me (even though I suspected that he knew about it) (In addition he was pretty pissed getting corrected by a 15 Year Old). Was this recall only for American LS Legends, or for both. If so, what do they replace?

Also, what other Recalls have there been on LS Legends that you can tell me of. I was thinking, if they messed up, might as well get them to fix it up.

Thanks in Advance,


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