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raky said:
stick with your usdm headlights. i personally am not a fan of my jdms and regret getting them. the light output is so crappy.
Then there is something wrong with your set.

Mine provides the same light output, better (more even) light spread and has a discernable beam pattern cutoff. This is even more noticeable since I went from HIDs in my USDM sedan lenses to HIDs in my JDM coupe lenses.

Plus, the JDMs I got (and most I have seen online) have clearer lenses with less pitting and haziness compared ot US.

They are the single best mod I've done to my car - big improvement in appearance and performance!!

EDIT: BTW I was lucky enough to find my set still attached to the severed nose of a JDM legend (looked like it was sliced off the car with a plasma cutter! so sad to see) that was sitting in a JDM wrecker/importer shop here in Toronto. I removed the lenses off the car myself and only paid $400 Canadian!
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