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Remote for Factory Alarm?

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Hi...I was wondering if a remote should've came with a factory alarm. I have a 95 GS and it does have the factory alarm. I can tell because when the alarm goes off, it's just the horn going off.

I called Acura dealer today and they said "Just because the car has an alarm, it doesn't mean that it will come with an remote."

So what's the deal? Does it, or does it not? Thanks!
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The factory alarm is armed/disarmed with the key when you lock/unlock the doors. I believe there was a dealer installed keyless entry option offered but it was very pricey and all it did was allow you to lock/unlock the doors and set off a panic alarm so as I understand not very many were installed. Your car probably does not have a remote to it. Most Legend owners go for aftermarket alarm systems for better protectiona and keyless convenience.
Yea, you could get one... I found one floating around on EBay one time and almost got it but I'm going with a real alarm at a later time so I wasn't worried with it.
It's specifically for Legends and NSXs supposedly. You could get it and just get it reprogrammed at the dealership.
If you wanted to make sure if your car come with a keyless entry. Remove the big cover under the steel wheel and that where they mount the main control(It should say keyless entry on it). If It does equip than you can call Augusta Acura Dealer to order it for $60.00 each. It should take around 3 weeks to get because the have to order it thru kenwood. Oh, you need to provide them with the VIN of your car and the ## on the box.

BMW......what do you mean by a steel wheel? and where?
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