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I have a 95 Acura Legend, and I recently spilled some goop on the floor. I have already scrubbed the matts, but need to give the floors a good once over.

How do I remove the electric seats, I don't see how they are attached, the Japanese have left very few screw visible for me to tinker with.


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to take out the seat is not more than...

- remove the 4 covers (caps) of the seat.
- unscrew all bolts 17mm (2 bolts on each = 8 bolts) and to move up the seat and pull out the cable plugs. This s!h!t seat has an great weight (~25Kg - 30Kg).

And the last step is, to unscrew the bolt (14mm), where the seat beld (latch) is held.
Be Careful, that you not loose any small springs of the inner long bolt!!! That´s all, buddie!

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