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So thats what I was doing wrong!! I thought I had to get the screws inside the ashtray compartment off, and then the trim would loosen... I guess I just had to tug on the trim a bit... just too scared to break it.\

I would only recomend disconecting your battery if you are actually taking the individual wires out of the harness, which you will not be doing. Just make sure you dont jam and metal inside the harness, or you will get sparkies:rolleyes: = no good. I would first take off your drivers door panel and see what color the wires are, so there is no guessing when you get behind there. However it may be apparent that two wires are disconnected, or just one for that matter, and the signal is not completing its path (remember electric signals of any sort must run from source to ground, somewhere in the setup). Good luck.

If you cannot find anything apparent, I would say that your next step would be to take a test light or voltmeter and see if the deck is putting out any voltage to the speaker... if it is not, then it is probably your head unit.

Good Luck :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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