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Removing the thermostat a good idea?

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I just bought my Acura Legend 1993 about a month ago. Shortly after purchasing it I noticed it overheating. The engine light was also on with both the Left Knock Sensor and Right Knock Sensor going off. Came to find out that the car was leaking water, about a gallon a day (unseen) but I was keeping my eye on the gage and getting about 40 miles a day travel no problem. As soon as I would add more water the car would cool off... Five days ago it started leaking water at a higher pace and I was seeing large puddles under the driver side... Three days ago it didn't even matter if the radiator was completely full of water, the car would heat up after about a half a mile... The top radiator hose would be extremely hot and the bottom hose ice cold... I twisted the bleeder screw, no luck... Now I'm thinking of removing the thermostat to allow a steady flow. I live in Los Angeles, so is a thermostat really necessary for me? Basically I want to know the pros and cons of my next possible move...
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If the top hose is hot and the bottom is cold then that would point to two possible problems 1) Your radiator is plugged and not letting coolant through or 2) your water pump is no longer working and not circulating the coolant through the engine as it should.

Removing the t-stat is not a solution, if the top hose is hot then the t-stat is open and letting hot water through, the water flows from engine to radiator via the top hose. If you run the Legend hot you will ruin the engine.
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