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Repairing Seats - Need electrical diagrams!

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1991 Acura Legend LS - Time to fix her up

Hello all,

I've owned a 1991 Acura Legend for a few years, and I'm finally going to start making it nice (It was bought as a temp car with tons of issues)

Step 1: Repairing the seats.
(forgive me, I don't know what each movement style is called)
Driver seat:
-back recline does not work (frozen in a decent position, but I want to fix it)

Passenger seat:
-front/back positioning does not work

other: both seats have some cables that are just dangling, not connected to anything. I have no clue what they do and want to get them connected if they should be.

Decided to work with the passenger seat first.
I found the electrical diagram in the manual thanks to the sticky in this forum. I tested with a voltmeter and determined the switch appears to be the problem (using the switch on known functioning spots like using the recline switch works fine, using the switch for forward/backward movement does not. Tested the motors postive and negative and it completes a circuit fine as well)

So my question is: does anyone have any suggestion on where I can get a passenger seat switch box? and more importantly, how the heck do I rip that out of the seat?
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There should be plugs under the seat make sure they are plugged up. After making sure they are all plugged up check the lights on the door memory button they will be lit up or blinking.
Code Definition
1 Slide Switch
2 Recline Switch
3 Front Up-Down Switch
4 Rear Up-Down Switch
5 Tilt Switch
6 Extend-Retract Switch
11 Slide Switch or Relay
12 Recline Switch or Relay
13 Front Up-Down Switch or Relay
14 Rear Up-Down Switch or Relay
15 Tilt Switch or Relay
16 Extend-Retract Switch or Relay
21 MEMO Button
22 Position Button 1
23 Position Button 2
24 Forward Slide Switch
25 Backward Slide Switch
26 Forward Recline Switch
27 Backward Recline Switch
28 Front Up Switch
29 Front Down Switch
30 Rear Up Switch
31 Rear Down Switch
32 Tilt Up Switch
33 Tilt Down Switch
34 Extend Switch
35 Retract Switch
36 Ignition Switch
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There should be plugs under the seat make sure they are plugged up. After making sure they are all plugged up check the lights on the door memory button they will be lit up or blinking.
Well, i just plugged the seat up to the car for testing, hooked the front/back slide up to the tilt switch for testing, it worked, but it's sat so long the long spirals the gears slide on were corroded etc, so I took a wire brush to it and applied a bit of grease, they started working but were sticking in some spots so i was cleaning/moving them along to work out the kinks, and theyve stopped functioning all together. no more sound from the motor, when i manually turn the right one it feels tighter than it was, and the motor is HOT.

I'm letting it cool down, but I think it just fried T_T

*edit* im going to let it cool down a bit then check the memory button light code, I've never noticed them working before so I'll be shocked if theyre doing anything.
If they are corroded bad you did clean off what you sanded b4 you moved it right?
If they are corroded bad you did clean off what you sanded b4 you moved it right?

I'm letting it cool, then I'm going to take a wire brush to them again and do a second cleaning, then move them all the way up and back down to try and work out any other crap.

Question: would it be better to pull the metal boxes that slide up and down the gears off instead of just manually moving them up and down for cleaning?

if so, how hard is it to take them off? I looked it over but it looks like I'd have to take the entire assembly out to do so, is that correct?

while thats cooling, onto checking out the wiring of the driver seat.

Ohh, one last thing:

I never used the memory seat functions, where is this light located? I see the memory buttons on my driver door panel, but I don't think theres any light to blink there...
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i wouldnt take them off like that. you have to put the key in the acc position but not started to see the lights
well, my tinkering with the seats is done for the very moment.

without explaining the stupidity that occurred, i think i've destroyed the front/back motor for the passenger seat by pulling the motor apart by mistake ~.~. Anyone have any experience re-assmebling that? I could use some advice, cheapest replacement motor I could find was 50 bucks and they said theyre not sure if they have it

however, i did manage to make the driver side door work, checking the fusebox I discovered the fuse simply burned out. I had to sacrifice the use of my (partially working) sunroof, but now the driver seat is fully functional, so at least I've made some progress.

Maybe this should be in a new thread, but I didn't want to spam the forums:

Now I'm moving onto a cosmetic step, I'm ripping the carpet out of the car for a very needed cleaning. I'm tired of it being such an embarrassing ride. (heres some "before" shots)

I've pulled out the trunk interior and am working on the cabs carpet lineing now, question: how do i remove the foot wrest piece in the last pic? I pulled the bolt out at the top of it but it doesn't want to give...

and the carpet is out. For future reference to anyone that stumbles into this thread in the future, the foot wrest on the upper left corner of the drivers side has two 10mm bolts, one is at the top and easy to access, the other is hidden. the actual pad can be popped out with a screwdriver and reveals the second bolt. Once you take that off it slides right out, and the carpet comes with it. This isn't in the manual in the sticky (at least not from what I saw)

Anyway, I'm out of daylight, so tomorrow will continue on with cleaning the carpets, cab, and reinstalling the carpet (unless I decide to rip out the back seats for cleaning)


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Ok your interior is rare so be very careful with it as black intrior for coupes aren't easy to come by. If the motor is fried then hit up the local parts yard or post in the wanted section.
Never ever be afraid to as for help. That's what we are here for. This is a grown up site and we are here to help not bash or trash!
I have to say thank you L3GDKANG/JDMKANG for your help and being so kind, good to know I can go someplace that'll have my back if I get into a tight spot.

Money is tight and I'm saving up for some bigger jobs that need to be done on this car, so I'm trying to avoid spending over 20 on the motor. In the mean time, I'll be either trying to repair the damage I did to the passenger motor, and/or when I set the passenger seat back in place I'll just set it as far back as possible, I don't drive with passengers that often, and in the event that i do that should work just fine. The other functions still work so that'll be a decent temp job.

I'm also not wanting to put too much money into the seats because the upholstery on them is nearly destroyed, and I'm currently reading up on leather repair to see if it's worth attempting to fix them, or if I should just replace them all together (they're HORRIBLY damaged)

Anyway, I'm really curious if anyone has any tips for disassembling/reassembling the motor. When I put it back together I can get it to move for a split second when I hit the switch, but then it stops, I think i need to line up the metal...blocks...connected to copper wire properly, and theres 2 springs inside that got bent, so bending them back should keep them in place (they wind up all over the place after hitting the switch)

I'm going to let the motor sit for a week or so to let any charges die so I don't fry myself, but in the mean time if anyone has any tips or wants pics of what it's current status is to help, just ask.

Here's the last of today's pictures:


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Your best bet is to invest in one of the big grey maintenance book from acura they cost but will def come in handy for sure.
Trust me I've done what your doing and doing it again. So if I can help I'll help any way I can.
Sounds like you may have a .25 cent problem with the passenger seat. As in, there's probably a quarter stuck in the seat track - maybe some dimes and nickels too!

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OP, what trim level Acura do you have: L,LS? '91 L passenger seat
adjusts mechanically. LS passenger seat is motorized. It is possible
to have an LS seat in an L model. That would require some work to
make it functioanal.
OP, what trim level Acura do you have: L,LS? '91 L passenger seat
adjusts mechanically. LS passenger seat is motorized. It is possible
to have an LS seat in an L model. That would require some work to
make it functioanal.
It's def a ls it's powered
I honestly thought it was just an Acura Legend (I've looked a few times but can't remember tbh), but obviously since it has electric seats it must be an LS.

Anyway, it's blazing hot today, I tried to start cleaning the carpet but after about an hour I could barely function (god bless Texas heat) and I also couldn't find the attatchments to my steam cleaner.

In a few hours I'll try to find them again and if I do I'll start cleaning the carpet when it starts cooling down in a couple hours.

If that doesn't go as planned, I'll probably bring in the passenger seat and start working on that motor, I've read up on them and have a feeling I can fix this, looks like it's just a matter of putting everything back in its proper place. Pics to come soonish
Yea easiest way to tell if it's a ls would be the button on the climate control if it has one it's a ls if it's 2 it's a l and all ls came with both front seats powered and only came with leather. But l models came with leather but pass seat is not powered. After 91 all ls had heated front seats.
nothing major to update yet. Took the carpets to the car wash and used about 10 bucks, didn't think it'd take so long or I woulda brought more cash, I ran out of quarters and had to bring it home. I didn't even manage to fully clean the carpet, much less any of the other parts.

After that I spent the last 3 hours of sunlight with the hose, brush, and carpet steamer in the backyard. The water isn't coming out oil-black anymore, now it's hersheys chocolate brown.

This is carzy. My first working year was spent at a car wash, and I've -never- seen a carpet THIS bad

At this rate it's going to take a month of daily carpet cleaning just to get the cabs carpet clean. Tips?


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Most people use a pressure washer and a wet dry vac? When I use to work at a detail shop would do that as they hang then we would use the wet vac to get out as much water as possible and let it hang dry for a day or 2.
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