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Repairs at the dealership

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The dealership wants to charge me $1,100 for replacing the power steering rack boots, $420 for right side axle boots, and $219 for lower ball joints.

What should I do?

I know I can find new axles for 160 dollars, and boots and ball joints for about 50 dollars, so I can fix everything including 2 new axles for about 500 dollars in just parts, but I have nowhere to go where I trust to do a good job in a decent time frame.
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Well that a tough call. Start looking around and ask for warranty and see if they are knowledgeable of our cars. The dealer will be your better bet as they will do it right with out worries. Or just have them do the rack or try your local Firestone or Bridgestone
I just replaced the steering rack boots and cv boots at a local shop for a good deal.

But now the steering wheel is off center when I drive. What can cause that and how do I fix it?
When you remove the steering rack boots and install new ones you mess up the alignment. If the steering wheel is not centered before re-aligning then it will be off. Did the shop align the car, if they didn't they should have and if they did then just take it back and ask them to align the wheel too.
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